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Dec 26, 2012 9:00am PST
hands don't change until they've absorbed lots of punishment, see dems 1968 to 1988, a long stretch, gop not done yet. i thought that was such an interesting point you made that night, because for a lot of people watching, it is hard to understand why a combination of tax cuts for most of the country and spending cuts and according to the last offer a type of social security benefit cut is not good enough for a republican party that just got walloped in the election. can you expound on your theory there? >> first, let me just talk about democrats. you're too young to remember this, ari, but there was a period of time when people were wondering -- >> i dyed my hair, john. >> people were wondering when democrats could ever win a presidential election again, that's because they were on the wrong side of main street america, on some cultural change happening in the country. they were on the wrong side of issues like the death penalty, on issues like the use of force in foreign affairs, and it wasn't until they'd gotten whacked, george mcgovern lost overwhelmingly, mike ducacas was beaten pre
Dec 28, 2012 9:00am PST
to admitting things don't look good as we just reported there are indications from at least a pew gop sources that there is this deal on the table. 400,000 at the tax level would not be very favorable to the president's so-called final offer. what do you make of it? >> i think that -- i make of it we are hitting hard deadline and i think all sides are aware this will be problematic for everybody. i think you can make the argument it will be worse for republicans long term than in the short term. markets will open on wednesday and it will be a mess. it will be a mess going forward. nobody wants this to continue. however, neither side will escape without blame if weaned up with the deal just discussed. this is a mini deal. this does not deal with a lot of issues on both sides. and it -- punts the debt ceiling discussion down the road. >> mini deals almost sounds like a good buzz feed slide show. we can look at mini deals throughout history. and -- at times that -- >> we will work on it. >> i want to be clear about what -- what nbc news is learning at this juncture. as i mentioned, gop source ha
Dec 27, 2012 9:00am PST
that on the ground? >> i don't think that tom cole has the constituency, although he's known as a reasoned member and close to john boehner, i don't think he has the stoitsy to follow him to avert this cliff. look, the last minute, as tom cole said, the deals come together at the last minute. the last minute was really before christmas. as a practical matter, that is how these deals come together each of the last three years of the obama administration, on the budget, on deficit, on tax cuts years ago. they came together before christmas. it's hard to see how this works out at this point, to tell you the truth. there is a conference call at 2:30 among house republicans trying to decide what to do. we expect the leadership to let the rank and file know what their plans are. the speaker is not in washington. we understand he is in ohio of his home state. the president has landed here back at the white house in washington. it's unclear exactly where they go from here. essentially what john boehner is saying, you go first, harry reid. harry reid is trying to jam mitch mcconnell into allowing this vot
Dec 31, 2012 9:00am PST
? >> well, i think there's probably -- i don't know if that's being for harry reid so much. i definitely know that is the opinion of some liberals in the house, but i've spoke to a member today who is pretty middle of the road centrist democrat, and he told me that he did not like the fact that there's no guarantee for the debt limit to go up within -- for an extension of the year tored to get those 450,000 rates. i think what people need to see here is if you look back at what's happened to this congress with boehner and mcconnell and the house gop, this is what they do in negotiations. they go all the way to the end. they try to bring the white house to their knees. they get everything they want. there's this idea that, well, maybe they'll come back the next time and try to get it done ahead of schedule and we'll all sing kum baya. this really is in the hands of congress, and we saw how that played out in 2011. >> i want to bring the panel in, because i think that luke just hit on the point that i wanted to get to. i want to quickly just read you a quote from jonathan who has written a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4